Weekly Update: July 19th Return to Play (RTP) Protocols

July 19th

Dear BRYC Elite Academy Families,

As the summer progresses and we look forward to the fall, we are all eager to see competition return and have our children realize the benefits they gain from participating in the game they love.  We at BRYC, are committed to facilitating a safe return to training and competition, with the associated well-documented physical, mental and emotional benefits provided by sport, while abiding by all state and local rules and regulations regarding health and safety.

BRYC Elite Academy, like many other soccer clubs in the area, has yet to make the jump to full-sided play.  We have chosen a more measured and conservative approach allowing our players to train in teams following social distancing guidelines.  This past week we started to ease into small-sided play (4x2, 5v3, 7v7, Rondo’s, etc.) without tackling and avoiding contact where practicable.  We also allowed the use of goals and enabled GKs to participate under specific restrictions (i.e., no spitting into gloves, no touching face with gloves).  We will continue with this approach for the next two weeks as we move toward full competition.

We understand the concerns about returning to competition and how can it be done safely in this environment.  As a club, we are fortunate to be part of a National League (ECNL) that has done some great work in providing frameworks and protocol for Return to Training and Return to Competition.  I invite everyone to review the Return to Competition (Phase 5) recommendations that we have modified for our jurisdiction.  I trust you will find the protocol very comprehensive covering (1) prior to competition, (2) during competition, and (3) post competition.  We encourage to view the recording of a webinar the ECNL hosted to provide further context and information on the Return to Competition process.  We found it very informative and helped ease some of the concerns about returning to competition, if properly managed.  Click HERE for webinar link.

Starting Monday, we will be inspecting and reinforcing, where needed, the proper social distancing (when not actively training) and the wearing of face masks to and from the field in addition to when proper social distancing is not possible .  This is part of our current protocol under Phase 3 and will be even more important as we head in competition.  It is also important because we have solicited the help of county field monitors to “police” our permitted field time.  We want to demonstrate our protocol in action and set the proper example for all sports, some of which have been incredibly lackadaisical with the protocols.

As always, we encourage everyone to review the Return-to-Play Protocols to stay current with the recommendations from the CDC and the various governing bodies that are helping guide us through this environment.

Please continue to enjoy this time with your family and stay safe.  We appreciate your continued patience and look forward to getting everyone back on the field.  Our next update will provide details on the virtual town halls we will host in August where we will provide details of our fall schedule for both ECNL and NCSL, and offer Q&A.


Mark Dolansky
BRYC Elite Academy